I pulled the tab but the device isn't turning on

-There’s a chance your battery may have gotten knocked out of placed during the pull tab removal causing a false low battery warning.  We recommend taking the battery out, waiting a minute for the capacitors to discharge, and then try putting the same battery back in. Alternatively, you could try pressing the the button on the back of the device with a small object like a paperclip to help wake-up the device.

What happened to GigaPets AR

-We moved on from that feature based on customer feedback but if you have a GigapPetsAR device the app will still be available to you.

What are the next pets that will be released and when?

– GigaPets StarCat/CompuKitty will be the next release in June 2022 shortly followed by the new glitter shell edition of the Pixie

How long are the batteries supposed to last?

-The starter batteries are intended to last at least a month with normal use however for best longevity of your product we recommend switching to a brand name battery like energizer after you see the low battery screen.

Where can I get vintage GigaPet devices?

-You can find a lot on eBay or some people sell them through the GigaPets Discord page or the GigaPets and Tiger Electronics of the 90s Facebook group.

Where can I buy GigaPets?

-Our website www.gigapetsar.com, Amazon, Cracker Barrel, Learning Express and many more coming soon! ­