How do I use the AR app?

-Check out THIS VIDEO for an in depth guide on how to view the AR

Why does my device keeps resetting itself?

-This could be the result of the reset button getting stuck in a bad place causing it to reset on its own. Take a small object like a paperclip and hit the button a few times to get rid of the jam. There is also a chance that your battery is low on charge. Try replacing it.

What do I do if my device is being slow or glitchy?

-Try replacing the batteries with new name brand name ones. They can hold a higher voltage than the ones typically used in Chinese factories which can help your device to run better.

Do I need to use the AR app to play with my GigaPet?

-Nope, things you do in the AR app will not affect your device but if you complete certain actions the phone icon on your device will blink showing you that you have unlocked a new animation. From there you can scan the screen that you unlocked with your phone causing an AR animation to appear.

What are the next pets that will be released and when?

-The next pets will be The Pixie, Star Cat, and Baby Bigfoot. We are working on the Pixie now so that should be in a few months and then the others after that.

Why isn’t my device scanning on the AR?

-It’s likely a user error. Try following our serial code and scanning video and also make sure you are in a well light area and the device is positioned straight on.

Why don’t the T-Rex and the Puppy have backgrounds?

-During early rounds of design, we had difficulty getting the AR scanning feature to work with the backgrounds but we have solved the problem and there will be backgrounds on the next batches we make.

Why does my pet keeps saying he wants something but refuses do anything?

-It likely needs to nap. Each pet needs to nap 3 times a day. Also, make sure your time is set accurately. If your time is set wrong it can cause the sleep schedule to be thrown off which can cause your pet to refuse do things till it has slept because it thinks it is night time.

Will you be bringing back old GigaPets?

-Possibly! It is something we are disusing however for each pet we make now we have to remake it from the ground up because we n­­o longer have any of the original programming from the 90s.

Where can I get vintage GigaPet devices?

-You can find a lot on eBay or some people sell them through the GigaPets Discord page or the GigaPets and Tiger Electronics of the 90s Facebook group.

Will there be a backlight screen?

-Yes, in future models!

Where can I buy GigaPets?

-Our website www.gigapetsar.com, Amazon, Toys R’ Us Canada, www.boxlunch.com and many more coming soon! ­